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  • January ’22 – Important lessons learnt

    January ’22 – Important lessons learnt

    Sharing some outputs from a retrospective session this week [When I say this week, I wrote this in January but forgot to press publish until August 🤯]: We experienced difficulty adopting OKRs as the mechanism of identifying, tracking and measuring success. The ‘why’ was unclear. KRs included external dependencies that the team did not have…

  • December ’21 — Can we deliver leaner Programmes in Gov?

    December ’21 — Can we deliver leaner Programmes in Gov?

    I went for a walk along the Embankment on Friday to clear my head from a long, and at times, frustrating week. The cold fresh air does absolute wonders for the mind, and made even better with some hot churros. So what’s been frustrating me recently? Well as a delivery person (and it doesn’t matter…

  • Digital Playbook

    Digital Playbook

    Over the last 12 months, the digital delivery team at Homes England have been supporting the organisation deliver strategic transformation projects and support our existing estate of applications. Alongside this core delivery activity, we have also been focused on our own delivery transformation to: Establish a Digital delivery Roadmap Optimise our portfolio and governance processes…

  • How small tweaks can bring long-lasting process improvements

    How small tweaks can bring long-lasting process improvements

    Reviewing processes and making tweaks can bring wide-ranging and longstanding benefits to a team

  • Recommended Books

    Recommended Books

    Here’s a list of the very best books I’ve read on Project Management, Business & Productivity. Buy them. Read them. Share them.

  • Interview Preparation for Digital Project Managers

    Interview Preparation for Digital Project Managers

    Get a leg up on the competition for your next Digital Project Manager role with these interview questions, tips and general advice.

  • A day in the life of a Digital Project Manager

    An insight into what a Digital Project Manager gets up to on a typical day and what specific things I do at Pearson as PM of the Qualifications Website.

  • The Three Flamingos

    The Three Flamingos

    We recently delivered two projects for two totally different companies with very different goals in mind. The first, an E-Commerce Startup and the second, a Product Management Consultancy Firm. Although you’ll be able to read a quick overview of each on the Projects page, I thought it would be nice to give you a slightly…