Digital Playbook

Over the last 12 months, the digital delivery team at Homes England have been supporting the organisation deliver strategic transformation projects and support our existing estate of applications. Alongside this core delivery activity, we have also been focused on our own delivery transformation to:

  • Establish a Digital delivery Roadmap
  • Optimise our portfolio and governance processes for agile delivery
  • Prioritise our portfolio and backlog to operate within sustainable WIP limits
  • Make our work, progress, risks and blockers visible to manage flow and risks in real-time
  • Mature our implementation of GDS design principles & standards
  • Introduce user-centred design professions and principles
  • Embed multidisciplinary team working

A crucial part of this has been focused on how we can support our teams navigate through this change by collaborating with them to establish best practice. The culmination of this was a documented body of knowledge to supplement formal training – The Digital Playbook. It’s not perfect, but it’s been useful for us to use as a reference point and we have been iterating on it over time and will continue to do so.

We wanted to contribute to the wider delivery community by sharing our outputs and working in the open. We hope this blog can help us achieve that and support other organisations going through a similar journey.

Link to the The Digital Playbook