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  • December ’21 — Can we deliver leaner Programmes in Gov?

    December ’21 — Can we deliver leaner Programmes in Gov?

    I went for a walk along the Embankment on Friday to clear my head from a long, and at times, frustrating week. The cold fresh air does absolute wonders for the mind, and made even better with some hot churros. So what’s been frustrating me recently? Well as a delivery person (and it doesn’t matter…

  • Weeknote: 18 June 21

    Weeknote: 18 June 21

    It’s been one of those weeks where the weekend can’t come soon enough. I’ve been feeling quite frustrated, demotivated and somewhat absent-minded. I’ve been unable to focus in meetings and it’s taken me ages to complete tasks. I’ve been increasingly doubting myself in situations where previously I’d be confident and assured. It could be due…

  • Weeknote: 4 June 21

    Weeknote: 4 June 21

    With school holidays this week, the ‘office’ has been a lot quieter, meaning less time in meetings and more time to tick things off the to-do list like writing this week note! Highlight With the Bank Holiday weekend, I was finally able to invite friends over after what feels like an eternity. Best of all, we got…

  • Digital Playbook

    Digital Playbook

    Over the last 12 months, the digital delivery team at Homes England have been supporting the organisation deliver strategic transformation projects and support our existing estate of applications. Alongside this core delivery activity, we have also been focused on our own delivery transformation to: Establish a Digital delivery Roadmap Optimise our portfolio and governance processes…

  • Wheel of Misfortune

    Wheel of Misfortune

    Identify Operational Risks with a Wheel of Misfortune For several months, we have been working on migrating a key service to a new Kubernetes platform. Whilst we have done security assessments and implemented protective monitoring, as we near the switchover date, there are a couple of things that keep me up at night: We don’t…

  • How small tweaks can bring long-lasting process improvements

    How small tweaks can bring long-lasting process improvements

    Reviewing processes and making tweaks can bring wide-ranging and longstanding benefits to a team

  • Working at the Government Digital Service (GDS)

    Working at the Government Digital Service (GDS)

    What I achieved from my time with WLT/Unilever and what I’m looking forward to working at the GDS

  • It’s all about the little things

    It’s all about the little things

    As DPMs, it’s our job to look after our team and make them feel valued. Read how even the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

  • Recommended Books

    Recommended Books

    Here’s a list of the very best books I’ve read on Project Management, Business & Productivity. Buy them. Read them. Share them.