Weeknote: 4 June 21

With school holidays this week, the ‘office’ has been a lot quieter, meaning less time in meetings and more time to tick things off the to-do list like writing this week note!


With the Bank Holiday weekend, I was finally able to invite friends over after what feels like an eternity. Best of all, we got to finally meet one of these lockdown babies for the first time. We all unanimously agreed, he had a smashing hairline for someone who just turned 3 months old.

X-Gov love

I’ve received really warm feedback from the x-gov community on the digital transformation post I wrote a few weeks ago. It’s resonated with people who are going through a similar journey in their organisations. I’ve enjoyed sharing notes, it’s helped me validate some of the thinking around what’s gone well as well as the collective nodding on common challenges.

Digital Transformation in Government – How to support colleagues and implement cultural change to enable digital delivery in Government organisations


The topic that generated the biggest discussion was around governance and portfolio management. Coincidently, this is something myself, Reena and Richard have been working on this week. We’ve done some great work around the portfolio, setting up a clear front door, establishing the routes to delivery (service teams or portfolio). Our next challenge is to increase the awareness of this across the organisation beyond our immediate stakeholders.


Delivery Manager — We previously started a discovery to understand how the MS Teams and Sharepoint structure works and how it can support functional document storage and records management.

Tech Writer — Another role I’ve started looking for is a technical writer. Documentation is so important for us, with the technology enabler projects we are working on, it’s crucial that we make the onboarding and usage of these as easy as possible.

Next week

I’m meeting with Digital SLT to continue discussions on legacy. I’s important that we start off by mapping our existing heritage estate which will enable us to create a prioritised roadmap and inform our strategy to address the biggest challenges.


Kill It With Fire: Managing Aging Computer Systems (And Future Proof Modern Ones)