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  • The Three Flamingos

    The Three Flamingos

    We recently delivered two projects for two totally different companies with very different goals in mind. The first, an E-Commerce Startup and the second, a Product Management Consultancy Firm. Although you’ll be able to read a quick overview of each on the Projects page, I thought it would be nice to give you a slightly…

  • Something New

    Something New

    Subsmart is an exciting Startup from London who help Students find the best deals around. Find out how we redesigned their online presence.

  • Ink, The Stress Free Email Solution from ZURB

    Ink, The Stress Free Email Solution from ZURB

    It seems like every other week, Paul, my colleague from the comms’ team walks over and says…‘Rumman, something is broken in the email template, can you have a look? We need to send it out today.’ Almost instantly, the door to the development team shuts and i’m left to fix this mess on my own.…

  • Website colophon

    Website colophon

    I spent about a month from start to finish to conceptualise, design and build my website. The first three days of that month were spent building a quick landing page just to get rid of the default GoDaddy landing page (although it’s actually one of the better ones –, hang your heads in shame)!…