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  • Digital Playbook

    Digital Playbook

    Over the last 12 months, the digital delivery team at Homes England have been supporting the organisation deliver strategic transformation projects and support our existing estate of applications. Alongside this core delivery activity, we have also been focused on our own delivery transformation to: Establish a Digital delivery Roadmap Optimise our portfolio and governance processes…

  • Recommended Books

    Recommended Books

    Here’s a list of the very best books I’ve read on Project Management, Business & Productivity. Buy them. Read them. Share them.

  • Google Font Combinations

    Google Font Combinations

    Here are my top 5 five Google Font combinations that I think will give your website a clean and professional look for 2017

  • Essential Productivity Apps

    Essential Productivity Apps

    Although I’m quite partial to a simple pen and paper to write lists and churn through tasks, there are a handful of tools that undoubtedly help me get the job done a lot quicker.The large majority of apps I use are incredibly simple and have a very specific purpose. If you’re looking to kick-start 2017,…

  • Install free SSL Certificate on WordPress

    I’m going to show you how easy it is to install a FREE SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt on your WordPress site. The internet has come a really long way since it became the modern World Wide Web as we know it in the early 90s. Unfortunately, just as the internet, browsers and other associated…

  • Screenshot Showcase

    Over the last few months, we’ve been showcasing our work on this simple Photoshop Screenshot mockup. The feedback on my work has been really positive and I’m pretty sure this simple PSD played a big part in that. We’ve been asked a number of times where we got this from but the truth is, this…