Working at the Government Digital Service (GDS)

What I achieved from my time with WLT/Unilever and what I’m looking forward to working at the GDS

I really enjoyed the work I did with Unilever over the last 8 months. Working with people from across the globe, we launched 20 sites in 18 countries as part of a large transformation effort.

We consolidated multiple legacy sites, delivered a fresh design, localised thousands of words and trained colleagues around the globe on Agile processes, tools such as Jira/Confluence and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Local markets can now quickly publish articles, add new products and participate in global marketing campaigns without costly 3rd party involvement.

We also standardised the localisation process as we completed more and more projects. This means localisation projects are better defined right from the outset, easier to replicate and can be delivered with very few issues.

Finally, I also got the chance to manage the technical delivery of 2 global campaigns that combined great design, innovative features and promoted an important message about children’s oral health.

One last project for Unilever – Global campaign to help children understand why brushing your teeth can be more than just a chore!

It was the first time I worked on localisation projects, and I have to thank Nick, Gary, Julie, Kat, and all the wonderful people in the local markets for their support and patience.

I learnt a great deal from my time at Williams Lea Tag (including how to say Toothbrush in about 10 languages!), and certainly one experience I will remember fondly.

Government Digital Service (GDS)

Working at the GDS has been an ambition of mine for a long time.

The groundbreaking work that has been done by the department over the last 6/7 years is incredible. They have set so many standards in terms of design, agile delivery, digital transformation and understanding the user, amongst many other things.

GDS recently released a Design System which contains styles, components and patterns to help teams in government create user-centred digital services.

The GDS has also shared great insight into how to work, how to collaborate, how to get the best out of people.

Like many, I’ve followed their blog for a long time, trying to learn and incorporate some of their concepts in teams and environments I’ve been a part of.

Having the opportunity to work with the many talented people there, learn their ways of working and experience the innovation firsthand really excites me!

Needless to say, when the opportunity came, it did not take me long to take up their offer. I hope I can bring value to my new colleagues over the coming weeks and months.

White Chapel Building
Photo Credit: Derwent London

…Oh and it just happens to be located in Whitechapel! Across the road from where I spent the best years of my childhood. It’s good to be back 🙂

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