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Last month I attended Ground Control 2017, a new conference for Digital Project Managers. It was the first of its kind at this scale in the UK, and it was undoubtedly a resounding success.

I’ve written a series of posts where I’ll share some of the great insight I picked up from speakers, what I did in the interactive workshops and talk about the conference in general.

Use the links below to read about the individual session or workshop. I’ll be adding the links to each as I go along, so come back to here read them all. (In no particular order)

Ground Control Handbook


The conference featured some prominent names from the world of Digital Project Management, who discussed topics like Diversity, Managing People and How to Deal with Clients.

  1. Michael Lopp – The impossible job
  2. Meri Williams – Modern management: Creating space to be awesome
  3. Sam Barnes – It’s all about the little things
  4. Portia Tung – Play for your life: Going from good to great in a digital world
  5. Yvette Pegues – Digital Diversity: Leading multi-sensory & multi-ability audiences
  6. Brett Harned, Betty Chan, Natalie Semczuk & Sam Barnes – Q&A Session


There were also some really fun, interactive and engaging workshops tackling topics like conflict, risks and difficult scenarios we DPMs often find ourselves in.

  1. Rachel Gertz – Hunting down red flags
  2. Natalie Semczuk – Make post-launch a success
  3. Malie Lalor – Dos & don’ts for distributed teams


Ground Control was a fantastic event, full of like-minded people who all shared a genuine sense of empathy.

I met people who’ve faced the same issues I have, people who’ve solved issues I haven’t (yet) come across and people who were happy to listen to how I solved particular issues differently to them.

The DPM community is still in its infancy, but events like this will do a lot to build a great one. Moreover, these events will help Business Stakeholders and Clients understand the importance of DPMs, and why we shouldn’t be just an afterthought or a tick in the box on any Digital Project.


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