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  • Barbican Conservatory

    Barbican Conservatory

    I spent new years day walking through the City. It was empty and most things were closed. We did manage to visit the Barbican Centre. I haven’t been there for a few years and it was a worthwhile trip. I took some photos with my iPhone.

  • London 27 Feb ’22

    London 27 Feb ’22
  • London on Sunday’s

    London on Sunday’s

    Sunday morning’s across East London is ❤️ – Tower Bridge, Borough Market, Bank, Shoreditch & Bricklane, St. Katherine Docks.

  • London


    Since getting married in April, the only time I’ve had to explore and take photos has been on holiday. My weekends have been completely overrun with visits to/by relatives and friends. A full SIX months later, I finally took my gear out around London starting off with Borough Market… Borough Market City of London Shoreditch…