Pearson Qualifications

The Pearson Qualifications Website is an essential tool for Teachers, Students and Institutions around the UK (and abroad).

As the Platform Manager of the Qualifications Website, I’m responsible for the ongoing project management, technical product management, development and support of the website. I manage a development and engineering team and work with stakeholders from the wider business.

With millions of visitors every month accessing the valuable content on the site, it feels great knowing my work is helping people every day.

Having used the site for almost a year, I can’t help how useful it would’ve been for me if I had a resource like this in my student years!

We’re in the process of confirming our development roadmap for 2017. From what I’ve seen, you can be sure we’ll be adding some great new features and content for our users.

I’ll be writing more about my time at Pearson on the blog so keep an eye out for that.