My name’s Rumman. I’m a Delivery & Transformation lead in Government.


Head of Delivery at Homes England
Prev @ Government Digital Service (GDS), Pearson, Unilever, Vodafone

Recent work

  • Agile Transformation in Government

    How to establish an agile, user-centred digital function in Government organisations Over the last 12 months, our delivery team have been delivering exciting new projects across the organisation as well as supporting our existing suite of processes and applications. Alongside this core delivery activity, we have also been focused on how we can: Introduce multi-disciplinary teams […]

  • January ’22 – Important lessons learnt

    Sharing some outputs from a retrospective session this week [When I say this week, I wrote this in January but forgot to press publish until August 🤯]: We experienced difficulty adopting OKRs as the mechanism of identifying, tracking and measuring success. The ‘why’ was unclear. KRs included external dependencies that the team did not have […]